Check out ‘Clone Wars’ – you won’t regret it


The title card for the “Siege of Mandalor“ arc photo courtesy of Wikimedia



“Star Wars” in recent years has been the child of two divorced parents. The dad absolutely hates the kid and the mom absolutely loves it. It’s decisive, to say the least. 

The “Clone Wars” is the one thing the fandom seems to absolutely love. The final season currently is airing on Disney+. 

This is not only great “Star Wars” – it’s some of the best TV has to offer. What might turn off some people is the fact that it’s animated. 

You’d be right for some lighter episodes until they start decapitating, impaling, torturing and brutally killing people. 

It is important to note this is a show about war (a very unwanted war), so expect heavy-handed subject matter and themes. If you ever thought Anakin Skywalker’s fall to the Darkside was abrupt in the prequels this show goes so much more in depth to show how a great hero could fall so far into utter darkness. 

This show complements the prequels perfectly. This series is an anthology series (it does have a chronological order you can watch it in) but it can be argued that it does have a main character in the form of Ashoka Tano, apprentice to Anakin Skywalker. 

During your time with her, she goes from a naive over confident teenager to a war-hardened and very grown-yet-mixed-feeling character. She is actually not only one of my favorite “Star Wars” characters but one of my favorites in all of fiction. 

The animation in the early seasons can be a little wonky, but as time went on it just got better and better to the point where even motion capture was used. 

The last four episodes of the final season are the perfect way to end a TV show, something that major TV shows seem to struggle with sticking the landing (looking at you, “Game of Thrones”). 

The “Clone Wars” not only sticks the landing but decides to do a quadruple backflip only to bow silently to the audience and leave you in awe. 

To put it in “Star Wars” terms, the show was totally WIZARD! Now go do yourself the biggest favor – “Star Wars” fan or not – and go watch one of the greatest TV shows ever made.