Letter from the editor: join the Aztec Press!



Since 1970, the Aztec Press has kept readers of Pima Community College informed on all grounds. With PCC-focused content, the goal has remained to provide a variety of insights and information regarding a diverse range of topics, from academics and sports to entertainment and local news. 


Now, 50 years later, the publication has seen its first-ever global pandemic, revoking the chance for print issues until students and staff are permitted to return to the newsroom. Still, the team has worked diligently (and remotely) to deliver relevant online content. 


Journalism is potentially the most experiential out of all writing-centric courses offered. Students on the Aztec Press have worked around the clock to attend events, interview members of the PCC community and stay up-to-date on local and national news. In addition to executing solid written work, students on the Aztec Press gain skills in digital photography, video and layout design. 


The opportunities to explore the community and dig for the inside scoop are endless. In my two semesters reporting for the Aztec Press, I have covered music festivals, interviewed artists, attended public speaker events and climbed through political rallies. I have dug through years worth of online stories and emails, piecing together timelines and ideas toward the outcome of cohesive articles. 


Kevin Hartung, an Aztec Press reporter specializing in politics and education, finds the paper a great opportunity to attain real world experience. 


Aztec Press has been instrumental in helping me fulfill my aspiration to be a credible reporter and work on becoming an investigative journalist,” Hartung said. “As a student-run college newspaper, it is important that Aztec Press remains active at PCC. It is an elite hands-on learning tool for students to gain experience in a real journalistic atmosphere.”


“Each issue is full of thorough dedication by each member, who has some input in virtually every piece of the puzzle,” said Ana Fierros, who writes on all things music, politics and social review-y. “If you feel you want to be a part of something that feels enriching, this is the newspaper to join.” 


Angel Canez is the sports editor. He is a jack of many trades who has never turned down a story idea. 


“The Aztec Press is more than a class, it’s an experience,” he said. “It’s a great place to learn the ins and outs of journalism, and you surround yourself with interesting like-minded people. It’s a great experience.” 

Kyle Kersey is our resident media critic. His hobbies include taking the piss out of things people enjoy and kicking puppies. 

“The Aztec Press allotted me the opportunity to hate on things people like (Drake) while plugging the things they should like (not Drake),” Kersey said. “The atmosphere is creative and the staff is full of intelligent, talented student writers. I’m proud to call this publication home and can’t wait to see what it has in store for the future. I honestly can’t imagine where my life would be without it.”

Regardless of the future of PCC, it is the duty of the Aztec Press team to keep the community informed. 


Students interested in joining the paper should enroll in JRN 185 or email adviser Valerie Vinyard at  [email protected]