Month: August 2020

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Black & Proud: a conversation with Mon-ty

By KYLE KERSEY Midway through our discussion, Mon-ty delivers a verse from Notorious B.I.G.’s posthumous release, “Come on.” He matches the beloved Biggie’s flow perfectly, slicing through the line “I got seven Mac-11's, about eight .38's / Nine 9's, ten Mac-10's, the shits never end / You can't touch my riches / Even if you had MC Hammer and them 357 bitches” “I’m a Biggie guy because I love the way he played with words,” he says. “I heard that and said to myself, ‘okay yeah, this is what I want to do.’” It’s been a busy year for Monty Gantt, who goes by Mon-ty on streaming platforms. It began with his first ever live performance, the penultimate act of a February concert at a Tucson staple, The Rock. “The rock is more known for playing rock or big band performances,” he says. “But whe...