Saturday, September 30

What's Happening on Campus

by Kevin HartingPic of Parking lot
Spring is here and it’s spring-cleaning time.  The stay-home measure caused by the coronavirus pandemic seems an ideal time to get the job done.
That goes for businesses as well. Our West Campus, as previously pointed out, deserves a facelift. This is an opportunity to do the job right.
At the least, carpets need a thorough cleaning. Tiled floors need to be scrubbed and waxed.  Touchup paint on the walls would help and do not forget the sanitizing measures to kill whatever remains on surfaces.
The West Campus is embarking on some tasks that cannot be accomplished when the college is in session. In an email dated March 30, Libby Howell, Executive Director/Media, Community & Government, pointed out that West Campus parking lots are being resurfaced.
Howell also stated that the internet infrastructure which is currently being “taxed to the max” is being worked on by IT to improve the strength of services.
Along with the work to strengthen internet connections, the campus is offering free Wi-Fi in the West Campus parking lots with proper student ID and a limit of one person per car.  Also offered free is Microsoft Office 365 when you register with your Pima email address.
These measures allow students access to virtual classrooms where their education continues.
Howell further pointed out in her email that face-to-face services are no longer offered to students or the public.  All of those services now take place in the virtual realm.
Howell stated that only sporadic functions were taking place at the college like purchasing, payroll, finance and accounts payable but will also be suspended.
Social distancing presented challenges for the college. IT personnel were on campus on specified days and had face-to-face contact to hand out over 300 laptops to faculty and staff so that they could work at home.
Facilities staff had to work to prepare the college for an outside vendor who would do the deep cleaning before students could return.
PCC Police in rotating shifts were onsite to provide security and to escort those faculty members that had permission to pick up teaching materials from their offices.
”We have tried to get the job done while ensuring that those who are doing it remain safe,” said Howell.
While these endeavors are highly commendable, cosmetic work inside the buildings is needed. Although empty buildings create an optimal opportunity, without any on-site personnel, it seems highly unlikely this work will get done.
The Public Health Commission has mandated that service professionals are “limited to the extent necessary to maintain the habitability, sanitation, operation of businesses or residences, or the safety of residents, employees, or the public (such as fire safety or tree trimming to prevent a dangerous condition), and not for cosmetic or other purposes (such as upkeep).”
Sadly, by order of PHC, the facelift for our West Campus is not to be.