Self-Improvement in Self-Isolation

Martin Kalchev performing high kicks at home photo courtesy of wikimedia.
Life is at a halt. We all have to stay home, and now it’s very easy to fall into depression, stress, fear or even go a little mad.
Luckily, there are many ways to fill your day, so you don’t have to count all the holes in the wall.
The first idea is to do at-home workouts. With gyms being closed, it can be very easy to fall out of a good diet and exercise regimen. At-home workouts are actually more accessible, and more importantly, free. Not everyone has access to a $1,000 home gym, and fitness equipment costs are high.
YouTube has a great selection of at-home workouts. My favorite ones are boxing/M.M.A. workouts. They’re great for cardio as well as full-body workouts and a great way to stay healthy.
The next idea is to increase your neurological pathways by reading, playing games or keeping a journal. These not only help your brain but provide some much-needed escapism from this wacky-ass reality.
Currently, I am reading “Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish” to help in my quest to be bilingual, playing “Jedi Fallen Order” and have been documenting my days in a journal.
The last idea is for mental health, and it is truly beneficial to everyone. Meditating only needs to take 10 minutes, but it must be done daily. But you will see beautiful benefits to your mental health and body.