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Vote ‘YES’ on Prop 208: It won’t cost you a penny

By Noor Haghighi The great state of Arizona is notorious for its failure to meet national education standards.  As of this year, we sit at 49th place for overall education based on data determining quality and safety. In 2018, Arizonans took to the streets to protest in favor of Red for Ed, a movement that pushed for an increase in state government spending on public education. Since the outcome of Red for Ed was unfortunately of little help,  the state still has a long way to go. And now that the elections are coming up in November, Proposition 208 has come into play.  A stripped down, digestible version of what the proposition introduces in regards to educational funding in Arizona is as follows: A vote “yes” on the ballot will support increasing the income tax from 4.5% to 8% on incom...