Empowering Students with PCC’s Adulting 101 & 201 Series

Photo courtesy of Pima Community College’s First Year Experience Program’s Instagram. Flyer of past Adulting 101 event.

By Rebecca Ursule

Pima Community College offers a program that goes beyond the conventional academic curriculum, aiming to equip students with essential life skills crucial for navigating the complexities of college successfully. This program, known as the Adulting 101 & 201 Series, is designed to empower students with practical knowledge and resources to thrive both on and off campus.

Mission of the Series

Adulting 101 & 201’s mission is to empower students to navigate adulthood with autonomy, independence and confidence. The series recognizes that college life extends beyond classrooms and textbooks; it encompasses the development of skills necessary for financial literacy, legal understanding, professional development and personal growth.

Activities and Focus Groups

The series offers a diverse range of activities tailored to different focus groups within the student population. For those starting their college journey (0-30 credits), the 101 level focuses on basic & foundational life skills. On the other hand, the 201 level delves deeper into advanced topics, providing in-depth knowledge and strategies for handling complex real-life situations including professional development opportunities.

One of the key activities of the series is the live “Money Matters” events, held twice per semester in collaboration with Pima’s Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships and OneAZ Credit Union. These events cover crucial financial topics such as investing, retirement planning, borrowing, saving strategies and understanding credit scores. They aim to enhance students’ financial literacy and provide practical advice and resources for managing finances effectively.

Additionally, the series offers self-paced sessions online, allowing students to explore topics like managing finances, legal rights and professional development at their convenience. The content is presented in engaging formats such as interactive posts on social media platforms, live events, quizzes and workshops

Diverse Learning Formats

The Adulting 101 & 201 series offers additional engaging formats to deliver content and resources:

Annual Adulting Expo: This expo brings together experts and resources to help students explore different aspects of adult life from financial planning to health and wellness.

FYE Speaker Series: Guest speakers share insights and expertise on various adulting topics, enriching students’ learning experiences and providing valuable real-world perspectives.

How to get involved

Students can actively engage with the Adulting 101 & 201 series through exploring content tailored to individual needs. Two of their offered resources are NailedIt recipes and uQuizzes. Their NailedIt recipes teach essential cooking skills and recipes for healthy living. uQuizzes allow students to test their knowledge and reinforce learning through interactive quizzes.

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Upcoming Events

First-year students can look forward to the Connect U orientation, where they will have the opportunity to learn about and engage with the Adulting 101 & 201 series and other valuable resources offered by Pima Community College.

Empower yourself with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive as a successful adult both at Pima Community College and in your local community. With the Adulting 101 & 201 series, adulting just got a whole lot easier!

Contact Information

For more information on how to get involved with the Adulting 101 & 201 series, students can reach out to Renee Forsyth:

Email: [email protected]

Location: Address: 2202 W. Anklam Road, Office AG22, Tucson, AZ 85709

Phone: 520-206-6961

Fax: 520-206-3266