Pop into Popcorn with a Program

Pima Post

Pima Community College is hosting the next Popcorn with a Program virtual event between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 17.

PWAP is an event designed to connect students with advisors, faculty and even students from around the campus. Although the program is part of Pima’s First Year Experience, all students are invited to attend. 

“Students can login anytime during the two-hour event and visit one, some or all of the breakout sessions, which will introduce them to the support network related to the featured program/major for that particular event,” said Renee Forsyth, Pima’s FYE program developer. 

“Our next event on Nov. 17 will be featuring the Liberal Arts major, so we will have advisers, faculty and clubs related to the following concentrations: Administration of Justice, Anthropology, Biology, Communication, Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, English, Ethnic, Gender and Transborder Studies, Fashion Design, History, Political Science, Social Services, Sociology and Translation and Interpretation Studies.”

If you’re curious about which courses to take for next semester or want to find ways to get more involved in your major and meet students in your field, this is a great event to attend. 

There will be live music and opportunities to win prizes just for attending the event. 

The link to log in to the event is: https://pima.zoom.us/j/96647908879