Youth Climate Strike rallies Downtown

Joe Giddens/ AZTEC PRESS
Daniel Casanova and Lyle Kline, organizers of the Arizona Youth Climate Strike, check over the itinerary moments before the Sept. 20 event begins.




Inspired by teenage Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, a series of international protests demanding action have taken place in the lead up to the United Nations Climate Action Summit on Sept. 23. 


Joshua Shaver/ AZTEC PRESS
Daniel Casanova and Lyle Kline encourage the crowd to chant at the start of the rally, which took place in Presidio Park.

Other topics raised by protesters included indigenous rights and inequality.

Joe Giddens/ AZTEC PRESS
Ian Fritz and Lori Mahle hold a sign that Fritz created for the Downtown rally.

Globally, over 2,500 events were scheduled in over 160 countries, according to Vox.

Tucson residents came out with signs in hand for the Arizona Youth Climate Strike rally Sept. 20 in Downtown Tucson in El Presidio park. The event was co-led by University of Arizona students Daniel Casanova and Lyle Klein.   

“Climate change is one of the areas we’ve worked on the edges on,” said Tucson mayoral candidate Regina Romero. “But we really need to have a much more clear approach. What I’m proposing is a climate action plan to create resiliency in our city and bring down our carbon emissions.”

Event attendee Sula Miller said that her drive for marching was her concern for future generations.

Joshua Shaver/ AZTEC PRESS
Shellie Weis is thinking of future generations when it comes to climate change.