Dance Fusion


Pima Community College’s dance program kicks off their spring dance fusion show on April 26 and 27. With Nolan Kubota as their director, the performance combines contemporary styles with ballet, modern jazz, and other styles. The event will be open to anyone who wishes to come for a cost of $10.


Walking into the dance studio, all the dancers were hard at work. There were dancers in the corner stretching, others on the floor standing a top bottles while a group practiced acrobatic tricks. I was shocked to even find one girl sitting on a bed of nails in a mermaid costume for one of the dances.


All the music for each dance varied. In one room a hip-hop song was playing while a jazz song played in another.


Interviewing Yazmin Campa, 20, she explained to me that dance fusion is a big event to all her fellow dancers. “Tryouts started at the beginning of the semester… January 23,” Campa said.


The group practices two days a week with their choreography being planned by director, Nolan Kubota. Though Campa did add that Nolan gives them freedom to do their own thing with some of the choreography.


Francisco Chaparra, 19, and a veterinarian sciences major is also a part of the dance production. To him, dance has always been a part of his life. “I was always into the fine arts,” Chappara said. “Dance has been a good way of expressing myself.”


Both dancers are eager to showcase their work from the past semester for dance fusion. The dances are all unique in their style. They are vibrant, flashy, and colorful. “It’s what you would see in a circus,” Campa explained to me.


The dancers are typically 3-4 minutes each, with a select few being under two minutes. There are about seventeen dances in the show, all of which will revolve around different



These dancers are passionate and driven about being a part of Pima’s dance production team. With all of their hard work coming to an end as the performance lingers in the near future, it is an exciting time for these dancers.


Everyone, staff and students of Pima, should all take the time to support Pima’s dance production team and their love of the arts.


April 26-27

Fri. at 7:30 p.m., Sat. at 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Proscenium Theatre