Brewers Brew Up World Series Championship

By: Rene Escobar

October the month of pumpkin spice, ghost and ghouls, but more importantly playoff baseball.

As Major League Baseball writes its final chapters of the 2018 season there remains one unknown the World Series champions. That remains undetermined for the moment. With the pennant set, 10 teams have an opportunity. Alas only one can claim the trophy.

The one team in this year’s playoff has never risen a Commissioner’s Trophy, and this fall the Milwaukee Brewers will raise their first ever World Series Championship.

The Brewers have the mix any championship team needs, a legitimate defense with a bullpen that can pitch the lights out. The Brewers also have the projected Most Valuable Player outfielder Christian Yelich.

The bats of the Brewers are scary, starting with Yelich he leads the team with 38 home runs that’s tied for 12th in the majors. Yelich is proving that he is the MVP averaging the third best hit percentage. We’ll see if that’s the case come October.

As a team the Brewers were forth in the majors in home runs, and 12th in batting average. Their offense can score at will allowing them to compete in any and every game.

An overpowering offense needs a smothering defense to balance. That’s exactly what the pitching of  Brewers bring. An Earned Run Average of 3.73 put the Brewers pitching staff at fifth overall in the majors.

Led by ace pitcher Chris Anderson and closer Josh Hader. The Brewers have a loaded rotation along with a bull pen that can close the book on any team.

Home field advantage should never be overlooked. The Brewers have a physical advantage within their stadium being one of the darkest in the majors giving the opposition a disadvantage of sight. As for the crowd, Brewers fans have been waiting for this moment.

The Brewers have the firepower and balance to carry them to immortality. Off the bat of their MVP the Brewers will become the team of destiny this fall, stay tuned.