Audiences absorb ‘Spongebob Musical’

What: “The Spongebob Musical”

Where: Center for the Arts, 2202 W. Anklam Road

When: 7 p.m. Thursday-Saturday; 1 p.m. Sunday.
ASL interpreters will be at the March 3 show. 

Cost: $12-$24

Information: 520-206-6986 and online

Pima Post 

“The Spongebob Musical” makes you feel like a kid again.

It was a chance to see your favorite characters come to life.

Spongebob, who was played by Samantha Beamer, brilliantly brought the water sponge to life. 

It seemed like Spongebob was actually there and that the audience was in Bikini Bottom trying to save the town from an active volcano.

The rest of the cast also took their characters and brought them to life. It was exciting to see how the cast and director Chris Will portrayed the characters.

“Spongebob the Musical” is the first in-person show since the pandemic hit. The actors all underwent PCR testing so they could deliver their lines mask-free. Of course, the audience was required to wear face masks. 

In the musical, Spongebob is tasked with saving his hometown from an erupting volcano. He enlists the help of his two best friends, Patrick Star (Allie Dewey) and Sandy the Squirrel (Lydia Chandler), to make a contraption to stop the natural disaster. 

Like the Broadway show, Pima’s two-and-a-half-hour production has one intermission.

Another reason why this show was so great to see in person was because of the fun-loving audience, which included college students, kids and senior citizens. They bonded over their love of Spongebob and his friends. 

This musical was a great show at the Center of the Arts to bring family and friends together for a special night. 

“The Spongebob Musical” brought theater back to life after a long period of time, and it made you feel like you were a part of a big family. 

“It took a village to make this musical, and I hope that you all enjoy the show as much as we did making this come to life for you tonight,” said Will before the show began.

Samantha Beamer (SpongeBob), Lydia Chandler (Sandy) and Allie Dewey (Patrick) star in “SpongeBob the Musical,” starting Feb. 24 at Proscenium Theatre on Pima’s West Campus. (Photo credit: Carina Lisalda-Garcia)