The Word: What are your thoughts on the U.S. involvement in Ukraine?

Pima Post

“The U.S. should intervene if necessary but ‘play Switzerland’ and avoid World War III in the meantime. I really hope we can avoid war.”

Veronia Vasquera
Major: Translation Interpretation

“Even though the U.S. tends to put its foot where it doesn’t belong, Russia being able to take Ukraine is a big issue for us. It sets the stage for further conquest, and no matter what we do, war is inevitable. Russia is very much so a threat and can start the next world war.”

Emile Harris
Major: Psychology

“U.S. intervention can end up just like Vietnam, and look how that ended. We lost. Look at Afghanistan. We lost.”

Adrian Ibarra
Major: Digital Arts

“I don’t think we should get involved, but if things get worse, we might have to.”

Keith Ursua
Major: Digital Photography

“The U.S. should absolutely intervene. Switzerland has broken its 500-year record on neutrality to take a stance in this conflict.”

Dave Reynolds
Major: Digital Design

Where on Earth is Ukraine?

A random survey of another small group of students was conducted to find the location of Ukraine.