The Word: How have rising gas prices affected you?

By Josh Bailey
Pima Post

As prices continue to rise almost daily, Americans are pinning the blame on a plethora of figures and circumstances. Even while our representatives initiate discussions within the government about the crisis, such as the Biden administration seeking cooperation with the Federal Trade Commission to ensure gouging by fuel giants is not taking place, little action has been taken to effectively change the current trajectory of oil prices. Others argue it is simply the markets, and while the country remains divided on the topic practical plans have still yet to be put in place to prevent the average price per gallon from reaching five dollars in western states like California and Arizona.

Alex Jimenez has more on rising gas prices.

I asked people on West Campus how rising gas prices are affecting them.

“I work in flooring and construction, it’s a hindrance when I have to come back to the same location an hour later across town.”

Francisco Martinez, 20

Major: Science, Arts and Animation

“The more people use gas, the more it affects the price. Really hurts our wallet.”

Roman Trujilio, 18

Major: Computer Engineering

“I carpool with my best friend, she’s had to cancel once or twice because gas is so expensive and her family can only afford to use one car.”

Emilia Tripley, 26

Major: Web Design

“I take the bus which is free and hear a lot of people complaining and blaming the president, even though he has nothing to do with the markets.”

Joni Peralda, 65

Math Tutor

“I can’t hang out as much with my friends as I used to.”

Esteban Silvas, 18

Major: Undecided