Month: February 2019


Creating resources, not walls

Photo by JOE GIDDENS Story by ERIK MEDINA Since last fall, there have been plans to open up a resource center for students attending Pima Community College, specifically those who are not from the United States whether they’re immigrants or refugees.  “I think the immigrant and refugee student resource center has been an idea in a lot of people’s mind for a long time,” said Hilda Ladner, Pima diversity, equity, and inclusion officer.  The resource center has been supported by several members of the community and also members of Pima such as board member Mark Hannah, who represents District 1, the chancellor and the provost.  “I think one of factors that helped us really push us into opening sooner is that students wanted us to have a resource here at Pima,” Ladner said. Last spring, ...

Downtown Campus being built for success

By PARKER BROCK   The Pima Community College Downtown Campus is expanding the size and scope of its many different engineering based programs with help from grants and local business. This expansion will help alleviate some of the issues the programs are currently facing. Pima acquired two neighboring hotels, including the historic Motor Inn, to use for the expansion. It is intended to focus partially on automotive programs, as well as machine shop renovations. This is all funded by the $5 million dollar grant PCC received for this expansion. The Downtown campus west parking lot is where the new building will be, which may be more than one building, that according to the chancellor, is set to finish late summer, but may be delayed until sometime in the fall semester. The new ex...