Pima Community College to Grant Metallica Student Scholarships for Third Year Straight

Source: Pima Community College Press Release

Pima Community College has once again been selected as a beneficiary of the Metallica Scholars Initiative for the third consecutive year. Under the program, twenty PCC students will be granted scholarships up to $1000 each for completing their program as of October 12, 2023.

The rock band Metallica decided in 2018 to donate $1 million to ten community colleges nationwide. The band wanted to give back to communities that have supported them throughout the years. Their goal was to specifically donate to community colleges to help those students obtain better technical education and trade-career opportunities.

The first ten students will receive scholarship awards in the spring and ten more students will be awarded the scholarship next fall. 

“It is a wonderful honor for Pima Community College to be a recipient of the Metallica Scholars Initiative again this year,” said Robert Ramirez, Pima for Youth Program Manager. “It truly helps some of our students further their education and enter employment opportunities in the trades. I had the privilege to work with the American Association of Community Colleges and was supported by the All Within My Hands Foundation to recognize and deliver the grant for a third year in a row.”