Pima student named for All-U.S.A. Academic Team also gets a $25K Scholarship

Pima Post

One Pima Community College student has proven her academic skill, compassion and determination. 

Kira Okuma, 25, has not only been chosen to be a part of the All-U.S. Academic Team.

She has also been named one of the seven students to be in the All-Arizona Academic Team. Through this, they have been each rewarded with a scholarship worth $25k.

“After shaking off the shock, I felt gratitude for every moment of kindness,” Okuma said in a recent e-mail.

Only seven students are chosen to receive this award, and only 20 students in the nation are chosen to be a part of the All-U.S. Academic team. Which also includes a $5,000 scholarship.

In reference to the press release published by PCC, students are chosen for the USA Academic team for their intellectual achievements, leadership skills and their engagement with the community.

“My parents inspired me to strive continually, and keep an open mind when carving my life path and tackling any problems I face along the way,” Okuma said. “However, that alone would not have led to success.”

These awards are not just about excellence, they are about their impact on the community of Southern Arizona. 

“The knowledge that the story of my project could speak to others reinforced my determination to keep making a difference,” she said.