The Student Life Department at Pima celebrates Black History Month

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Upcoming Black History Month Events

Power of Black Resilience: 12-1:15 p.m. Feb. 9, West Campus Cafeteria
Resilience Fair: Noon-2 p.m. Feb. 16, Downtown Campus
“Wakanda Forever” screenings: Feb. 21, all campuses
“Wakanda Forever” virtual discussion: 3-4 p.m. Feb. 21 on Zoom
Field trip to the Dunbar Pavilion: 3-4 p.m. March 1, West Campus (requires sign-up)

For more info and to sign up, go to:

The arrival of February brings Black History Month, a month dedicated to remembering and understanding the storied history of Black, Indigenous or people of color’s heritage. 

It is not only a month of learning, it is a month of accepting and celebrating the resilience of these people who fought and suffered for generations to continue on their legacy.

With all that said, Pima Community College’s Student Life Department is hosting a litany of events open to students and staff. 

The Power of Black Resilience talk will be held Feb. 9 in the West Campus cafeteria. Members of the Black Student Union and other speakers will discuss the shared experience of what it takes to be a successful Black person, personally and professionally. Snacks and beverages will be served.

The Resilience Fair will take place Feb. 16 at the Downtown Campus. The event is intended to educate people about Black-owned businesses, organizations and other related nonprofits. You will also have the opportunity to meet The Divine 9, the council of independent fraternities and sororities that are historically African-American founded. Along with these groups, there will be music and food from Drea’s Seafood and BBQ truck.

Following those events, there will be a College-wide screening of The Black Panther: “Wakanda Forever” on Feb. 21 with free popcorn. In conjunction, an online discussion about the movie will be held after on Zoom from 3 to 4 p.m. for people to talk about their thoughts and feelings on the movie.

To top it off,  there will be a scheduled field trip to The Dunbar Pavilion held March 1. The Dunbar Pavilion Cultural Center is an institution with a storied history. From its beginning as a segregated school in the early 1910s, it has changed its mission “to honor the past, celebrate today and shape the future of the African-American community.” All events are free to enter and locations and times can be found on PimaEngage.