Devin Booker wants out of Phoenix?

Photo by Keith Allison

By Kyler Van Vliet

With the NBA finals coming to a close in October and the 2021 NBA season aiming at a late December start, it leaves fans with a fairly short offseason window to fantasize about unrealistic trade inquisitions and drool over the latest rumors surrounding the league. 

The latest rumor involvesDevin Booker, shooting guard for the Phoenix Suns..

On November 3rd, Ryen Russillo appeared on the Bill Simmons Podcast and stated that Booker wanted out of Phoenix. “The worst-kept secret in the league is Booker already wants out of there,” said Russillo. 

But does he really? Booker just came off of his best season with the Suns after ending the season with a record of 34-39 and going 8-0 in the NBA bubble, almost securing them a playoff berth. The Suns themselves have been actively building the team around Booker, including drafting productive wing players such as Cameron Johnson and Mikal Bridges, as well as drafting a potential all-star center in Deandre Ayton and acquiring Ricky Rubio to help add a facilitator on the court. 

The Suns will also have a probable cap space of $20 million to potentially add either another solid star or maybe a couple key role players through free agency. 

At some point, Booker surely wants to see more team success as the Suns haven’t made the playoffs in Booker’s career. He did his part last season, advancing into a genuine star rather than someone whose dazzling numbers outshined his contributions to winning. Though Booker has repeatedly talked about looking in the mirror for improvement, he could eventually pin the blame elsewhere. 

Booker his whole career has expressed his love for the Suns and, after signing his five-year $158 million extension in 2018, it’s hard to fathom him leaving anytime soon. 

But with other teams so interested in prying Booker away from Phoenix, expect this rumor to linger. The best thing the Suns can do in this situation is to go out and win in this upcoming season. Otherwise, the rumor will only grow and Booker’s desire to reach the playoffs could very well lead to a breakup with the Suns.