Fourth Avenue Street Fair

Street sign at North Fourth Avenue And East Seventh Street.

Story and photo


Fourth Avenue is home to Tucson’s lively scene, whether you’re a broke college student trying to drink away your debt or trying to eat until your stomach bursts. 

Fourth is also home to a wonderful street fair. From aromas to artisans, the biannual Fourth Avenue Street Fair has everything you could ever imagine

The spring fair will be held from 10 a.m. to dusk March 20-22. It will span from Eighth Street to University Boulevard.

For 50 years, all of Fourth Avenue has been host to vendors of many different backgrounds and live performances. 

My experiences with the fair have been extremely positive. If you have ever attended Second Saturday, where vendors set up food trucks and other fun events (this event is done every month), consider this a larger version. It is an experience for the entire Tucson community. I’ve run into friends, classmates and family members.

A standout moment to me was seeing one of my old high schoolcoaches selling his one-of-a-kind license plates. If you’ve seen signs made out of them around town, or even outside of the state, odds are they’re from The Los Sign Company.

My favorite part is the food. Local restaurants and food trucks, offer their flavorful and exotic dishes. If you’re not into the food truck scene, not to worry, the restaurants along Fourth Avenue usually remain open during the fair. 

If Fourth Avenue is part of your normal commute, be sure to take an alternate route. Speedway may be your best bet. Plan to leave about 30 minutes earlier, as traffic may be a little heavier.

I urge all Tucsonans and our readers to come out and enjoy the fun. You will not regret it. If you see me there, say hello.