Month: October 2018


A new ‘Resource’

By AMARIS ENCINAS Following the meeting at West Campus last month about the increase in tuition for DACA students and available resources, like Student Life is providing the opportunity to meet with one on one with a Pima adviser. However, even with those resources available, Pima Community College has been working toward providing more resources for students who are of refugee or DACA status. Hilda Ladner, diversity, equity and inclusion officer, is the lead for a new project that involves establishing a space where students can obtain up-to-date legal information as further updates are disclosed and student workshops that work in collaboration with ScholarshipsAZ. The Student Resource Center for Immigrant and Refugee students will have a designated space at Pima’s Downtown Campus i...

Two more high schools sign IGA with Pima

By NORA THOMPSON   Pima Community College is adding two new schools to its long list of dual-enrolled high schools: City High School and Canyon Rose Academy. Dual enrollment is when high-schoolers can take a class at their high school that counts as both a college and a high school credit. It’s an alternative to Advanced Placement courses. In order for a high school to offer college-level courses, its school district must sign an intergovernmental agreement, or IGA, with Pima. This allows Pima to count them as a part of its enrollment numbers and allows the high schools to provide the service free of charge. “If the high school teacher is teaching the course, the teacher is being paid by the high school, the district is already paying that person so there’s no real cost to Pima,”...
Strum here to eternity
Arts & Entertainment

Strum here to eternity

By ERIK MEDINA   The Pima Community College Music Department will present a faculty recital with Michael Lich, a classical guitarist, banjo-player, arranger and composer. The performance will include pieces by Bach, Brouwer, Dyens, Lich and Piazzolla. Lich is also an instructor at PCC, where he teaches classroom and studio guitar. Along with performing solo classical guitar and chamber music concerts, Lich regularly performs on banjo with his jazz/bluegrass group Noctrane. Lich performs a wide variety of musical styles including classical, jazz and bluegrass. His performing career has taken him to such far-flung places as Skagway, Alaska; Rio de Janeiro; Seoul, South Korea; Frankfurt, Germany; and most recently Mexico. For ticket information, contact the box office at 206-6986 or c...

Mind game

By JERRY GILL The word “calisthenics” derives from the Greek words for “good” and “strength.” As we begin another semester here at Pima Community College, I am hopeful that we will learn how to incorporate “calisthenics for the brain” into our understanding of what it means to study and learn. There was a time not too long ago when the experts agreed that the brain was simply a very complicated computer and would eventually be fully mapped and understood. That time is long gone today. We now know that the brain is an organ that adapts and grows in response to our experience. One way to focus this insight for our college learning experience is to think in terms of four major “calisthenics” we can engage in for the development of our cognitive abilities. A daily routine of these exerc...