Big companies offer students a break on prices

Pima Post

(Nick Youngson/Alpha Stock Images)

Being a college student can be pricey. 

It’s up to them to budget their money and see what is necessary or not. 

You would be surprised, however, with the amount of money college students can save from deals.

Big corporations such as Apple, Spotify, Amazon and Microsoft Office 365, give discounts or even free material for students currently enrolled at a college or university. 

Several Pima Community College students found the discounts beneficial.

“My opinion on the student discount is quite positive,” said Luciana Velarde, a Music Performance major.

“I might not have to worry a lot about spending money on campus or stress about books as much, but it is a great option to have regardless. Saving money for a discounted prince is a great service to take advantage of.”

For example, Amazon Prime Student gives students the opportunity to get Amazon delivery free for six months at no cost. Once the six-month trial is up, students can pay half the price ($6.49) instead of the $12.99 a normal subscriber would pay for Prime service.

According to Amazon’s website, students get a lot more, too. In addition to Prime shipping, students can take advantage of “Prime video, Early access deals, Prime Music, Prime Reading, Amazon warehouse, Prime exclusives, even Prime photos.” 

Microsoft Office 365 also gives students an opportunity to access affordable school supplies. Microsoft has been a software application that many students need during their academic career. This program is free to whomever has a student email or connection to an education facility.

Besides Word, Microsoft also has added access to Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and now Microsoft Teams, plus additional classroom tools.

In addition to these resources, Spotify bundled with Hulu and Showtime is available free to students. This service gives a free one-month trial of listening to music and podcasts with no ads. 

After your one-month free trial is over, the cost is $4.99 a month for the bundle. You’ll get Spotify as well for Hulu (after one month ads will be included) and Showtime (free of ads) with your student email. Spotify claims that “You save up to $21.98/month.”

Last but not least, is Apple. As you know, Apple products are very popular among college students, so to get some services and products for a discount is a bonus.

Apple offers student discounts toward purchasing things like a laptop, tablet, headphones and phone accessories. In order for students to get these perks, they must go to the education tab on the Apple website to receive a discount while at checkout. 

After the purchase, you are given an “Apple music student plan with Apple TV+ for free.” These are perks that you can’t get anywhere else.

If at any time you want to cancel, you can do so without any extra fees.

“I think it is great to have these companies cater to student needs, a lot of students including myself have limited amounts of money so deals like these can make money problems a little less stressful,” said Valeria Garcia, a Digital Arts major.