Before the sun sets on his career, Chris Paul will try to elevate Phoenix

Photo by Tim Shelby

By: Kyler Van Vliet

With the NBA off-season shortened up to fit the altered 2021 season timeline, the trade moratorium was lifted this Monday on November 16. Many teams were quick to jump all in and start flipping assets in order to elevate their teams, and the Phoenix Suns were not late to the ball. 

The Suns traded for the Hall of Fame point guard Chris Paul.

The trade consisted of the Suns sending Ricky Rubio, Kelly Oubre Jr., two other young players and a future first-round pick to the rebuilding Oklahoma City Thunder. 

After reestablishing himself as one of the best point guards in the league this past season it was no surprise that his former team, the Thunder, were going to capitalize on other team’s desire to acquire Paul via trade. 

Before the moratorium was lifted there were rumors that Suns’ Devin Booker was upset in Phoenix and looking to leave, but with this trade it goes to show that the Suns are trying to capitalize with the young star-studded team that they have and more importantly keep Booker from feeling the need to play elsewhere in order to win big. 

The trade for Paul has really put the Suns in the best possible situation though. With Paul on the team they now have one of the greatest floor generals to help guide them to success. Paul just played one of the best seasons ever for a guard his age. The hope for Phoenix is that he might help build something that outlasts even the productive years he has left. But for now, Paul is going to bring a level of professionalism to a young team, take the ball out of lesser talented player’s hands and make sure that Booker and Ayton doesn’t have to carry the franchise all by themselves.